Through Teamwork, G-555 and Local 69 Form ‘Bond of Brotherhood’


Gas Workers Union Local G-555


Last week, UGWU Local 69 held its Annual Representative Counsel, where amongst other things, they provide internal training for Stewards and Directors (similar to our Representatives). They, like us here at G-555, have many new officers and felt it would be a great tool to share, so President Craig Bradford invited some of our members to attend. Executive President Eddie Hall, Executive Vice President Robyn Arbogast, Executive Treasurer Paul Talboo, and Canton District Representative Jim Davis all made the trip down to West Virginia.

“Mr. Hall and his Local have been very supportive of our Local through our negotiations and we wanted to repay their brotherhood somehow, especially since they will be negotiating next year with [The Company] and facing many of the same issues we faced…The members of G-555 should feel very good about their leadership.” – President Bradford

While it was very beneficial to pick the brains of the Local 69 team regarding how the Company handled their recent contract negotiations, the course also covered a lot of other areas, including Grievance Handling, Duty of Fair Representation, Contract Basics, and a revamped orientation process. President Bradford was very impressed with our group, and appreciated their input during the training in regards to how we handle similar situations. He also spoke of a “bond that has begun to form” between G-555 and 69, and both Locals agree that it is very important we continue this communication, as it can only benefit all of us going forward.

Executive President Hall was very appreciative of the invite, and is excited about what the future holds for G-555:

“We would like to extend a big thank you to Local 69 for inviting us to attend their Representative Counsel training last week in West Virginia. Their training will be very helpful in developing our Representative Training at Local G-555. We look forward to continuing the bond of brotherhood and working together in the future.”



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