The Union Eye Issue 5


The latest issue of our increasingly popular newsletter, The Union Eye, is here, and so much has happened since the last one. First and foremost, we lost a dear friend and dedicated Member and Officer of our Local, Micky Prendergast. As Executive President Eddie Hall states in his opening letter, this has not been an easy thing for us to deal with. Not only the heartache of losing a friend, but also trying to keep everything running smoothly in his absence. As a result of Micky’s passing, we will be holding a Special Election in March to fill the remainder of his terms as Executive Secretary and Cleveland District Treasurer, along with the vacant position of North Canton District Vice-Chairman.

It hasn’t been all bad news for G-555, however, as many positive things have come up since our last newsletter: Our own Paul Talboo, Executive Treasurer, was a founding member and Elected Officer of the newly formed Ohio Utilities Trade Council, retired Executive President Russ Mazzola helped to create our new Retiree Caucus, and we sent a group of our best, hardest working members to Massachusetts to help restore order to a community devastated by over-pressurized gas lines. Read about these stories, and much more, here, in The Union Eye Issue 5.

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