Job Titles


Responsible for clerical functions of the mail room, print shop, field offices, and includes some physical duties.

Compressor Operator

Responsible for ensuring safe and efficient repair, installation and operation of compressor facilities.

Construction and Maintenance (C&M)

Responsible for the installation, maintenance, and repair of the gas line distribution system.

Customer Relations Specialists (CRS)

Responsible for representing the company in telephone contacts with customers and for the performance of clerical duties pertaining to the maintenance of customer accounts.


Responsible for dispatching FMS, C&M, GM&R and other departments to customer premises and other work locations as required.

Engineering Technicians

Perform drafting, design, inspection, cathodic monitoring and related paperwork and other related engineering activities.


Maintain company facilities.

Field Metering Services (FMS)

Perform gas odor investigations, leak complaints. Performs meter work such as turn-ons, and turn-offs at all residential and commercial accounts.

Gas Measurement & Regulation (GM&R)

Responsible for monitoring gas supply, gas regulation and gas measurement.

Leak Detection

Performs gas detection survey work to locate leaks on main lines and service lines using leak detection equipment.


Maintain mechanical condition of vehicles and transportation related equipment.

Meter Reading

Responsible for reading all gas meters within an established route in the service territory.

Tapping and Stoppering

Performs the highly skilled duties related to stoppering, tapping, and stopple activities on gas pipeline systems.


Responsible for the installation maintenance and repair of telecommunications equipment.

Vacuum Truck

Operates specialized equipment to excavate gas pipeline systems for installation, maintenance, and repair with minimal impact on other facilities and minimal restoration.