The Union Eye: Issue 3


Gas Workers Union Local G-555


2017 was an exciting year for G-555, and 2018 is off to a great start. It’s been a long six months since Issue 2 was published, and as Executive President Hall states in his opening letter of Issue 3, it was very busy. On top of the everyday Union duties, we created and implemented a new training program for all of our elected Union Representatives, held multiple elections for various positions, went to Columbus to fight for the safety and protection of not only our members, but all utility workers in Ohio, and dealt with a number of internal and external charges.

The first 2 issues of The Union Eye were very popular, and we’re sure Issue 3 will not disappoint. Click the link below to read in-depth about the topics mentioned above and much more.

Click to Download – Union Eye – ISSUE 3




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