Local 69 Ratifies Contract, Thanks G-555 For Support

Gas Workers Union Local G-555


Congratulations to our Sister Union, UGWU Local 69, who today voted to ratify a Contract Agreement after lengthy and difficult negotiations with the Company.  Local 69 President, Craig Bradford, made a point to thank G-555 and also to offer some insight in regards to our upcoming Elections:

I can attest with UGWU Local 69 we would like to enact the same practice G555’s Leadership chose to do in voting in person. We do mail voting in our elections and normally get less than 40% returns. We do in person voting for the Contract and get over 90% voting. I commend G555’s leadership in having the foresight to enact this process as they have. Also want to thank the Leadership and the members of G555 for their support during our fight for a fair Contract that we ratified today. PROUD TO BE UNION Craig Bradford President UGWU Local 69″

We all appreciate the hard work of President Bradford and the Local 69 Executive Board, and are looking forward to hearing more details as they develop.

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